About Us


WeAsia assists organizations in the implementation of ISO 9001 , API Specification Q1 9th Edition , API Monogram and API Specification Q2  We have over 10 years of experience consulting and training clients to improve their processes, conform and implement sound Quality Management System.

WeAsia has the experiences of providing solutions for organizations such as:

1. ISO 9001

2. OHSAS 18001

3. ISO 14001

4. API Q1 and API Q2

5. API Monogram Licensing

6. Internal/External/Vendor Audit

7. Training to enhance the personnel’s competency

WeAsia believe in enriching the knowledge by providing trainings to enhancing the competency of individual, having classroom based or off-site trainings.

Why Have a Management System?

Increase customer Focus and Satisfaction

A systematic process based organization

Improve Employee’s morale

Internationally recognized system

Resources to Assist SMEs

Organizations can claim up to 70% of consultancy, training and certification cost for approved standards and certifications.